Owl & Cat: Muslims Are... by Emma Apple

Owl & Cat: Muslims Are

Muslims are people who follow the religion of Islam. There are over a billion Muslims in the world today! Everyone...

Is Allah Real? by Emma Apple

Is Allah Real?

Discover the signs of Allah in the divine balance and common patterns found in the natural world.

Owl & Cat: Islam Is... by Emma Apple

Owl & Cat: Islam Is

Join Owl & Cat and learn, in a light-hearted and humorous way, about the lives and beliefs of Muslims, who...

Where Is Allah? by Emma Apple

Where Is Allah?

Discover how you know where you are in the universe and why you can’t measure where Allah is the same...

How Big Is Allah? Arabic by Emma Apple

ما هوَ حَجم الله؟ (How Big Is Allah? Arabic Edition)

ما هوَ حَجم   الله؟  is the Arabic translation of #1 Best-Selling Islamic Children’s Book How Big Is Allah?. سافر...

How Does Allah Look? by Emma Apple

How Does Allah Look?

Take a closer look at planet Earth and learn about how much and how little we really know.

How Big Is Allah? by Emma Apple

How Big Is Allah?

Embark on a journey of size and discovery through the cosmos and use astronomy and the natural world to learn...